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Komunitný obsah

Selected content on this portal is accessible only to members of the community. The community is the cross-country skiers and supporters of our sport, who follow the principle that the service received from others must be reciprocated with counter-service. We call this content "Community Content" (or "Community Zone", resp. "Zone") and access can be obtained with points.

Since you are not signed in, we do not know whether you have any points in your account that would allow you access. If you do not have an account, create it and get 4 "welcome" points, which is enough for two days of access to the Zone. Staying in a community of runners is possible, for example, by contributing to the portal or by working in the field, that is, by performing activities that are rewarded with points. Points can also be bought for the euro. One euro is enough to buy 15 days of access that you can use in one day increments (non-consecutive use). 200 points (6 €) will buy you access to the whole season.


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